You can settle your debts yourself by Ask Doctor Debt

App Icon ask dr dAsk Doctor Debt” has many great articles with helpful tips on debt collections and solution on how to handel a phone call from a colector. The following article “You can settle your debts yourself” (Source: Drop Debt, Surviving Credit Card Hell Without Bankruptcy by Harvey Z. Warren) will explain what to expect if and when a debt collector call you.

Debt settlement companies have built a troubled industry on the fact that collection agents know that often bills are not being paid because the consumer just doesn’t have enough money to pay in full. My experience is that nearly everyone I have ever helped want to pay something and avoid bankruptcy. Every debt collector I have ever spoken to wanted to help you avoid bankruptcy. The problem arises because people in debt are driven by fear instead of common sense and understanding how to resolve the problem.

The more you know the better your chances are of asking the right questions when you speak to a collection agent on the phone. Keep in mind, the collection agent wants to work with you to resolve the debt in question. If you think a mistake has been made, work collaboratively to resolve the situation.

  • Answer the phone when a collector calls or return the message left on your phone.
  • Be honest and straightforward – you both want resolution.
  • Ask about payment plans to pay what you owe.