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I Owe A Bill

Do not ignore our contact attempts. We rely on communication to find the best way to resolve the debt. If we cannot communicate with you, then we are limited in our options for collecting the bill.

If you’ve received a letter from us, please make sure you read through it thoroughly. If you have any questions regarding this bill, please call (360) 694-7585 and enter the extension for the manager on the letter you received.

You’ve been referred back to our agency because we have been contracted to handle the bill on their behalf. Since we are now the main point of contact on your account, we ask our clients (the original creditors) to refer you directly to us. This ensures that we do not take action on an account if we are not properly informed on time.

Please return our call ASAP. Our main reason for calling is to communicate with you about a bill we’ve received in our office.If we cannot communicate with you, it leaves us with limited options to handle the account.

Please contact us as soon as possible to address the account. We report to the credit bureaus to inform other creditors of your lending reliability. Unfortunately we cannot remove the account reported, even if it’s been paid in full; however, once paid the account will show that there is no money owed on the delinquent account.

You’ve been served with court papers because you’ve either not responded to our attempts to communicate with you or you’ve failed to address the account accordingly. Please contact us immediately to try and resolve this account.