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Our Services

We are first and foremost a service company. Our service is to recover and collect money owed on delinquent accounts from our clients. The concept of this is simple, but the reality is it’s a complex and a fulfilling job. We are investigators, mediators, consultants and more. Our job is to find out why your consumer, patient, or tenant has not paid their bill and then find a solution for them to resolve the debt.

To provide our clients the best service possible, we are constantly looking for new ways to achieve results for everyone. Whether that’s through new technology, improved training or new relationships, we are constantly looking at our future and yours.

We are not a letter service company like some other agencies are. We believe in a well-trained staff that can make decisions on how to personally address each account. This approach helps us provide the best service possible. CCI has an attorney on retainer and all court costs are advanced. While we utilize all legal communications, we specialize in our skills and abilities to provide excellent results.